Each artisanal adventure is handcrafted to showcase, celebrate and highlight local communities.  Each experience provides a unique opportunity to work with and learning from conservationists, farmers, cheesemakers, and other artisans. 



Taking Root focuses on agriculture and economic development to drive innovative strategies that increase profits and promote stewardship.



Taking Root favors applied research that will promote local agriculture, build regional partnerships, and enhance economic vitality and showcase the longstanding traditions of farms and farm life.   We work to increase the economic vitality of farms in their communities.


 Taking Root is ready to collaborate with new partners to maximize your program impact and follow-up. We offer fifteen years of experience in program design and leadership.


Dr. Leah Mayor started Taking Root in 2011, as a boutique ecotourism business devoted to creating tourism models that stimulate local economies, build community viability, and celebrate our connections to food and culinary history. Recognizing the many connections between food, environment, people and culture,  Leah’s work builds on the enthusiasm of a growing local foods movement to protect farmland, safeguard our natural heritage, promote artisanal traditions, and preserve our cherished ways of life. 

Today, Taking Root has evolved to incorporate research and education, program design and management, as well as designing a suite of farm-based tours.

Leah brings more than a decade of field work and leadership experience.  After finishing her doctorate in Adult Education from Cornell University, Leah conducted research and education programs that focused on sustainable development in areas as diverse as Mongolia, Nepal, Indonesia, and New York City.  She also blogs about food and agricultural systems for a number of online platforms, including the Huffington Post.